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Electric Garage Door Repairs: Learn About Different Kinds of Repairs!

In this digital age, you probably have a smartphone and other smart devices in your home. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of your electric garage door. An electric garage door is, after all, your home’s first line of defense against intruders and unwanted animals. Unfortunately, a garage door may need repairs every now and then due to regular wear and tear. If you are having problems with your electric garage door right now or foresee such issues soon, keep reading to learn about the different kinds of electric garage door repairs you can make yourself or hire someone else to do for you instead.

Electric Garage Door Repair: Check the Springs and Cables

First, look at the garage door’s springs and cables to make sure they’re in good working order. Before even lifting the garage door itself, make sure the cables and springs are properly attached to their pulleys. You can do this by manually lifting the garage door, which may require you to stand on a ladder. Before you can lift the garage door, tighten, or reattach the springs and cables to the pulleys. You also want to inspect the cables for any cuts or tears, which indicate that you’ll either need to replace them or have them re-spliced.

If Your Door Is Not Sliding Smoothly Re- Grease the Tracks!

The tracks that your garage door slides along are another common source of trouble. Test them by lifting the garage door and guiding it down with your hand. If the garage door is not sliding smoothly along the tracks, you’ll want to re-grease the tracks. This is a simple fix that only takes a few minutes. You’ll want to use a silicone-based lubricant, and you can find it at most local hardware stores. Greasing the tracks may help the garage door work more smoothly until you have the time and funds to replace the parts entirely.

Repair the Hinges Otherwise You Will Face Various Issues!

Having loose or broken garage door hinges can result in a variety of problems. For starters, it will make the garage door harder to open and close. It will also wear down the garage door seal more quickly, which can lead to water damage. Fortunately, you can easily tighten the hinges or install new ones if they are broken (though this will require you to lift the garage door). If the hinges are loose, you can try tightening them yourself or you can hire someone to tighten them for you.

Fix the Opener Motor It Can Break Down Over Time!

Another source of electric garage door repair you may want to consider is the motor. Garage door motors are surprisingly resilient, but they can break down over time or after a strong storm passes through your area. When the motor breaks down, the garage door will no longer open or close properly. You can test the motor to see if it’s broken by lifting the garage door manually. If it doesn’t respond, you’ll need to replace the motor. However, before you do that, make sure you shut off the power source to the garage door.

If Your Garage Door is Crooked, Reset the Alignment Soon!

If your garage door closes unevenly or crookedly, you may need to adjust the alignment. You can do so by following these steps:
1. Lower the door completely, then close it.
2. Open the door just enough to allow you to reach the end of the door.
3. Locate the two alignment wheels located above each end of the door.
4. Flip one wheel upward, then flip the other wheel downward.
5. Close the door completely and test it to see if the issue has been resolved.

If You Notice the Broken Bearings Change Them Now!

Finally, the garage door bearings are another part of the door that may need repair. The bearings are located between the garage door and the frame. If they break, you may notice that the garage door is harder to open, especially during colder weather. You can replace the bearings yourself, though you will likely need to call an professional garage door repairman to help lift the garage door so you can access them.

Summing up

If you notice any of the above-mentioned issues, you may want to repair them as soon as possible. Garage doors are meant to protect your home from intruders, but they’re only as strong as their weakest parts. Luckily, many garage door repairs are relatively easy to perform. If a repair will cost more than you can afford, you can always hire a professional to complete the task for you.

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