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What Can a Garage Door Motor Repairs Company Do?

A garage door motor repairs company can do everything from installing new motors to repairing existing units. These companies can also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that they will take care of any issues that may arise.

The services offered by garage door motor repairs include the following:

  • Installation of new garage door motors
  • Repair or replacement of existing units
  • Replacement or repair of broken or damaged parts
  • Alignment and balancing of garage doors
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with your garage door motor

Choosing a company with experience in garage door motor repairs ensures proper service. This will save you time and money in the long run.

What is a Garage Door Motor?

A garage door motor is the mechanism that opens and closes a garage door. A chain drive or screw shaft connects the electric motor to the door. The motor is usually concealed within the door itself and is only visible when the door is open. A garage door motor is an electric motor that operates a garage door via a drive mechanism. The drive mechanism turns the turning of the motor into the swinging or back-and-forth motion that the garage door repairman needs.

There are two types of garage door motors: trolley motors (also called screw drives) and belt drives. Trolley motors use a steel shaft that rotates in a guide bearing, and belt-drive motors use a rubber belt to transfer power from the motor to the garage door. The top of the garage door has trolley motors, and the bottom has lift motors.

When Is It Time to Replace My Garage Door Motor?

A garage door motor is a motorized electric device used to raise and lower a garage door. The motor and gearbox are at the bottom of the garage door. The gearbox is on a trolley under the garage door. When you press a button on the wall that controls your garage door, the motor opens and closes the garage door.

There are several signs that your motor may need replacing, including:

Noisy operation: If your garage door is making loud grinding or rattling noises as it opens and closes, you likely need to replace your motor. The process of replacing can be a little tricky, so it might be best to call a pro for this job. If you do decide to change out your old motor yourself, be sure to always wear protective clothing and eyewear.

Belt Slipping: Slipping belts or chains indicate a worn gearbox that needs replacement. This can be a dangerous situation as the upper and lower sections of the garage door may not stay together while in motion. You should immediately contact a professional if you notice that your belt or chain is slipping in any way. They will likely replace the entire gearbox unit at that time so that all systems are working properly again.

Belt snapping: Another sign that it may be time to replace your motor is if your belt snaps while opening or closing your garage door. Snapped belts indicate weak motors, which will likely need replacement soon anyway. It’s best to give us a call if you notice this problem so we can schedule an appointment for you with one of our technicians who can perform this work safely.

Instructions for Setting Up Garage Door Motors

If you’re an electronic whiz, you can install a garage door motor yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to leave the installation to a professional. Installers will ensure the proper and secure installation of your new garage door motor. Here are some questions you may have about installing your new garage door motor:

Where Do I Put the Motor?

Your new motor will go in the same place as the old one. It will be in the header at the top of the garage door. The installer will take care of installing it in the right place with the right brackets and that sort of thing.

How Do I Connect the Garage Door Motor?

The wiring for your new garage door motor should come standard or be available as an add-on kit. Your installer will set everything up for you and make sure it’s safe and secure.

How Long is the Garage Door Motor’s Warranty?

Your new garage door motor should have a one- or five-year warranty, depending on the brand and model. This warranty covers material or manufacturing defects during that time.

What Should You Do If the Motor to Your Garage Door Stops Working?

If the garage door motor stops working, the door will begin to fall due to the weight of the door and whatever is inside.

  1. If the garage door is open, close it before doing anything.
  2. Check to ensure that the power is off at the garage door. Unplugging the power cord is always a good idea, but follow your specific unit’s instructions on how to do this.
  3. If you can access the unit from above or below, turn the power off at that location as well.
  4. Once you’re sure you won’t be hurt if the garage door falls, you can start troubleshooting.
  5. If you are lucky and there is an accessible fuse box, check to see if there is a fuse that has blown with 24 volts applied to it. This would be most likely on older installations. Other than that, you are looking for a burned-out motor winding or bad connections in those windings or between them and the panels. They plug into either end of the motor wiring harness. If you don’t find anything there, look for an overload trip setting near 20 amps; trip settings usually have breakers attached for servicing or replacing without tearing into the drywall. If you can’t find anything there, consider whether it would be cheaper and faster to replace or repair it rather than replace it. These are generally expensive safety-critical devices, and sometimes if everything else checks out but it’s not working properly, it’s better left alone (I’ve done this).
  6. Turn the power back on per the unit’s instructions so you’re not startled when you get home late to jingling cargo.

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